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Sierra Learnership offers outstanding leadership development through its speaking, training, and coaching services. Tailored for youth and adult learners, our programs are designed to foster lifelong personal and professional growth.


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Leadership Is Not in a Title

Anyone that has influence over someone else is a leader, and you don’t need to have a title to be an effective leader. Sierra Collins coined the term “learnership” to refer to the need for effective leaders to participate in continuous development as a lifelong learner. Sierra Learnership Collaborative brings to life her belief that a balance of effective leadership skills and lifelong learning are critical to one’s success. Growth, leading, and learning are collaborative processes. Whether working on an individual basis, as a small group, or as an organization, together we can collaborate to achieve your goals.

Growth Shouldn’t Stop

Today’s youth must be given the opportunity to develop leadership skills early in life and given the tools necessary to make personal growth a priority. Also, today’s leaders must see the need for continued personal growth and professional learning. So, whether you are a parent looking for an innovative approach to your child’s development in leadership, teamwork, communication, or organization, or a business leader looking for the tools you need to achieve your definition of success, Sierra Learnership Collaborative can create a plan to meet your specific needs.



Coaching Services

Certified coaches partner with individuals and teams of all ages, guiding them through a journey of discovery via careful questioning, unlocking full potential to maximize performance.

Speaking & Workshops

Experience hands-on engagement in our workshops, exploring diverse leadership development topics. Walk away with guaranteed, immediately implementable tools and strategies for you, your team, department, or organization.


Our meticulously crafted assessments provide detailed insights into personality, motivators, ideal environment, leadership strengths, growth opportunities, and effective communication strategies for you and your team or organization.

Start Your Journey with Our DISC Roadmap.

Discover Your Path to Personal Transformation: Every client embarks on the DISC process before being invited to apply for individual coaching. Designed to make your experience seamless and enriching, this roadmap outlines the key steps and milestones to help you navigate your path effectively.

Intentional Growth Solutions Provided By A Certified Professional

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We are looking forward to assisting you on your journey to becoming an effective leader and lifelong learner.

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