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Growth Gains Café offers a holistic approach to meet all of your personal and professional growth needs.

This program is designed to meet you where you are on your growth journey. With sessions led by certified coaches and other professionals from right here in our community and beyond, each month brings new opportunities for learning.

Our warm and inviting space located in Winchester, VA, allows individuals and teams to join us for growth opportunities both in-person and virtually via Zoom.
We’d love for you to stop by!


Choose one session that sparks your interest.



Unlimited Access to
all Growth Gains Café
sessions both in person
and online.



Growth Unlimited PLUS…
– 30-minute accountability session with one of
the SLC coaches
– 10% off any additional coaching services



Would you like to invest in your team’s personal and professional growth? Please reach out for special team pricing so your organization has access to all Growth Gains Café has to offer.  

Call (540) 348-GROW for more info.


Are you dissatisfied with your personal or professional life?

Tired of focusing on just developing one area of your life and neglecting the rest?
It’s time for a holistic approach!

⦿ Evaluate eight areas of your life

⦿ Rate your current level of satisfaction in each area of your life

⦿ Define your priorities

Fill out the form below to Download
the Wheel of Life.